MigSonic252 Parts

Knurled drive roll feeding .035/.045(0.9/1.2) flux cored wire
Knurled drive roll feeding .035/.045(0.9/1.2) flux cored wire
  • Part No: 07261032

Price:   49.50C$

Max: 10
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Details: Brand new original drive roll manufactured specifically for model:

WeldKing® MigSonic252S+SS20 MIG system

Genuine parts with high precision, provides consistent and smooth wire feeding and produce high quality welds.
Made with ultra-hard rolling bearing steel three times more wearing resistance than normal steel, shorten the down time and save money.
Dual feed grooves allow you to quickly and easily switch from different welding wire diameters.

* The product price and description are subject to change without prior notice.

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