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CO2/Argon flow gauge regulator CGA580 inlet connection
CO2/Argon flow gauge regulator CGA580 inlet connection
  • Part No: 07000510

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Details: Brand new original CO2/Argon flow gauge regulator for model:

KickingHorse® MA200TS
WeldKing® MigSonic145
WeldKing® MigSonic200cvcc

WeldKing® MigSonic252S+SS20
WeldKing® MAG211
WeldKing® MAG251
WeldKing® MAG251
WeldKing® PulseWave200
WeldKing® TIG200P
WeldKing® TIG200P AC/DC

Designed for light and medium duty MIG/TIG welding jobs to provide accurate flow of gas.
ARG/CO2 gauge 0 to 4000 psi.
Flowmeter Range 10-60 scfh.
Brass body with impact resistant polycarbonate lens for easy reading.
Plastic adjustment knob for smooth "easy touch" flow settings.
Internal safety pressure relief design.

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