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TIG welding kit (MA200TS 2020 edition)
TIG welding kit (MA200TS 2020 edition)
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Details: Brand new original TIG welding kits for model:

KickingHorse® MA200TS-2020 edition
WeldKing® CoolArc200

Package includes:
1pc: WP-17V TIG torch with valve,10 ft lead and Dinse50 connector.
1pc:10 ft gas hose with Male 5/8-18 gas connector at both end.
1pc: argon regulator / gauge.
1 box: accessory kit includes 1 each of 0.040 and 1/16" tungsten; 0.040 and 1/16" collets; 0.040 and1/16" collet bodies; No. 5, 6, 7 Alumina nozzle; short back cap; long back cap.

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