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Aluminum MIG Wire ER5356(AWS/CWB) 035, 5LB Spool
Aluminum MIG Wire ER5356(AWS/CWB) 035, 5LB Spool
  • Part No: KCM55405

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5356 Aluminum wire 035

Brand new original Aluminum MIG welding wire manufactured specifically for MIG welding Aluminum alloy used with model:
WeldKing® MultiSonic220
KickingHorse® MA200TS
KickingHorse® M185

ER5356 compliance AWS A5.10
Wire diameter: 0.035 inch (0.9mm)
Spool size: 5 pounds 8 inch #8 spool
Polarity: DCEP (reverse polarity)
Shielding gas: 100% argon, argon/helium mixtures
Welding position: All positions multi-pass

General purpose wire can be used to weld various grades of Aluminum alloy when service temperatures above 65℃ (150℉) is not required.
Compare to the steel wire, the most crucial thing when welding Aluminum with MIG is to guarantee the wire is not jammed. ER5356 has highest hardness in all Aluminum alloys, make it the most popular choice of welders for MIG Aluminum welding.
Large 5 lb spool will reduce down time, save money and also improve the wire feeding stability.
Optimized and tested for working with KickingHorse® MA200TS wire driving system to provide the best Aluminum welding performance.
Smooth arc action, low spatter, very good bead appearance and color match after anodizing with 5xxx/6xxx base materials.
Auto body repair, automotive bumpers and supports, structural frames in the shipbuilding Industry, formed truck panels, railing industry, power industry, trailer manufacturing.
CWB, ABS, CE approved.
Made in Canada.

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