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K-4 air carbon arc gouging torch with 6.5ft (2M) cable
K-4 air carbon arc gouging torch with 6.5ft (2M) cable
  • Part No: XOG31028

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Details: Brand new original air gouging torch.

For gouging, cutting, beveling, piercing and flushing metal, the device is designed to remove any kind of metal by the "Air Carbon-Arc cutting" process which is more economical than older methods such as burning, chipping, grinding, etc

Rated capacity: 800A.
Natural 15 angle in the torch complete with 6.5ft(2M) swivel cable.
Air requirements: recommended compressed air at 80 to 100 psi.
Air Cool.

Minimum-maximum electrode current requirements
Electrode (inch) Min. Amps. DC. Max. Amps. DC. Min. Amps. AC. Max. Amps. AC.
5/32 90 150 - -
3/16 200 250 200 250
1/4 300 400 300 400
5/16 350 450 325 425
3/8 450 600 350 450

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