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Plasma Cutter P40 (CSA) IGBT Inverter, 220V Input
Plasma Cutter P40 (CSA) IGBT Inverter, 220V Input
  • Model: KMC52000

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Build for Cutting Metals in Shop

  • > Increased power in ultra-portable package, performance on the Go.
  • > Very easy to setup and use with zero learning curve benefit from
    automatic parameter optimization and highly integrated design.
  • > Fast and precise cutting.
  • > Cost saving ownership with simplified torch design.
  • > Safety features to protect your family and household.

Product Highlight

Uses standard compressed air source

Built-in air pressure gauge and pressure adjustment control provides optimized result at various output power.

Protection with indicator light

Built-in temperature, voltage and current sensors provide maximum protection for operator and machine.

Reliability is guaranteed

  • > Moisture-proof design.
  • > Salt spray-proof design.
  • > Corrosion-proof design.

Details Preview

One-Knob does it all!

  • > The advanced intelligent control technology will dynamically optimize the cutting parameters so that with just one single knob, you can cut like a Pro!
  • > On-the-Spot infinite amperage control delivers exact result you need.

Touch start system

  • > Reliable plasma arc initiation without pilot arc.
  • > Improved start reliability, stability and rapid arc restrike provided by proven technology.
  • > No moving parts involved in the plasma arc initiation, minimized the chance of arc strike failure.

Advanced inverter technology leads to outstanding cutting performance

Unprecedented precision and cuting speed.

Achieve edge angularity of two degrees or less with virtually no dross build-up.

Reduced warping, and a small heat-affected zone, resulting in fewer secondary operations.


  • Input
  • Duty cycle
  • Maximum amperage output
  • Maximum amperage input
  • Open circuit voltage
  • Optimized cutting
  • Recommended cutting
  • Severance cutting
  • Compressed air pressure
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • 208/230 volts, 60Hz single phase
  • 40% @ 40 amps, 60% @ 36 amp, 100% @ 30 amp
  • 40 amps
  • 33 amps
  • 450 volts
  • 3/8 inch @ 10 inch per minute for mild steel
  • 1/2 inch @ 7 inch per minute for mild steel
  • 5/8 inch @ 4 inch per minute for mild steel
  • 43.5 psi (0.3 mpa) @ 3.5 cfm
  • 16.5 x 6.4 x 8.3 inch (420x136x210 mm)
  • 15.4 lb (7 kg)

Package come complete with

10 ft (3m) power cord with NEMA 6-50P 230V plug.

SG55 industrial plasma cutting torch with 16 ft (6 M) lead.

200A ground clamp with 10ft (3M) lead and 25 mm male Dinse plug.

P40 power source.

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