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Plasma Cutter P40 (CSA) IGBT Inverter, 220V Input
Plasma Cutter P40 (CSA) IGBT Inverter, 220V Input
  • Part No: KMC52000

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Easy Setup, Easier to Use.

  • > Increased power in ultra-portable package, performance on the Go.
  • > Very easy to setup and use with zero learning curve benefit from
    automatic parameter optimization.
  • > Fast and precise cutting thanks to state-of-art 40K Hz IGBT inverter technology.
  • > Cost saving ownership with innovative torch and consumables design.
  • > Full-metal structure. No fragile plastic components are used in the body – built to last.

Product Highlight

Uses standard compressed air source

Built-in air pressure gauge and pressure adjustment control provides optimized result at various output power.

Protection with indicator light

Built-in temperature, voltage and current sensors provide maximum protection for operator and machine.

Reliability is guaranteed

  • > Moisture-proof design.
  • > Salt spray-proof design.
  • > Corrosion-proof design.

Details Preview

One-Knob does it all!

  • > The advanced intelligent control technology will dynamically optimize the cutting parameters so that with just one single knob, you can cut like a Pro!
  • > On-the-Spot infinite amperage control delivers exact result you need.

Touch start system

  • > Reliable plasma arc initiation without pilot arc.
  • > Improved start reliability, stability and rapid arc restrike provided by proven technology.
  • > No moving parts involved in the plasma arc initiation, minimized the chance of arc strike failure.

Advanced inverter technology leads to outstanding cutting performance

Unprecedented precision and cutting speed.

Achieve edge angularity of two degrees or less with virtually no dross build-up.

Reduced warping, and a small heat-affected zone, resulting in fewer secondary operations.

Specification - All parameters are certified by Canadian Safety Association (CSA)

  • Input
  • Duty cycle
  • Maximum amperage output
  • Minimium amperage output
  • Circuit breaker requirement
  • Generator requirement
  • Open circuit voltage
  • Optimized cutting
  • Recommended cutting
  • Severance cutting
  • Compressed air pressure
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • 208/230 volts, 60Hz single phase
  • 40% @ 40 amps, 60% @ 36 amp, 100% @ 30 amp
  • 40 amps
  • 20 amps
  • 50 amps 220V
  • 5000W non-inverter type generator recommended
  • 450 volts
  • 3/8 inch @ 10 inch per minute for mild steel
  • 1/2 inch @ 7 inch per minute for mild steel
  • 5/8 inch @ 4 inch per minute for mild steel
  • 43.5 psi (0.3 mpa) @ 3.5 cfm
  • 16.5 x 6.4 x 8.3 inch (420x136x210 mm)
  • 15.4 lb (7 kg)

Package come complete with

5ft (1.5m) power cord with NEMA 6-50P 220V "welder" plug

SG55 industrial plasma cutting torch with 16ft (6m) lead

200A ground clamp with 10ft(3m) lead and Dinse 25 plug

P40 power source

Easy 4 steps for return and replacement

This product is covered by

1 year (up to 4 year) warranty in Canada!

Contact customer service or Submit warranty claim.

Receive prepaid return label through email.

Drop off to any Canadian post location.

Wait for the refund or replacement

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  • Why it is important to specify the travel speed when compare the thickness of a plasma cutter can cut?

    Many manufactures never rate the cutting thickness with speed. It is meaningless because if slow down the speed even a weak machine will cut through thick metals, but it is impossible to cut with such slow speed in reality.
    Do not be fooled by the cutting capacity without travel speed in specification!

  • What does OCV mean? How OCV affect the performance of cutting?

    "OCV" stands for "Open Circuit Voltage", which is the voltage to strike the plasma arc. The "OCV" had a enormous impact on the ignition capacity of a plasma cutter. the higher OCV, the easier to cutting on rough, painted, and rusty surfaces and different materials. KickingHorse P40 rated highest-in-class 450V "OCV", this is the reason why with the same 40A, P40 capable of cutting through 1/2 inch while many 40A plasma cutters only cut 3/8 inch.
    When comparing plasma cutters, remember to check not only output current but also "OCV" value!

  • What is the pros and cons of contact start and pilot arc?

    Pilot arc can start the arc without touching the work piece. It can be used with CNC machine and tolerate metal surface conditions better. The disadvantage of pilot arc is that the torch has moving electrode inside, unless expensive high precision consumable is used, the arc strike failure rate and repair rate are high. The pilot arc is suitable for professional and industrial plasma cutters.
    Contact start cannot be used with CNC machine and has lower tolerance for metal surface conditions. However, as the electrode and the nozzle are in a fixed position, the torch is more robust and reliable and it can guarantee better, faster and more precise cutting quality. Thus contact start is suitable for budget home/DIY plasma cutters.
    Please be noted that both start methods have the same cutting capacity because after the arc is stricken, the plasma cutting jet generated from the torch is no different.

  • What size generator do I need to run this plasma cutter?

    KickingHorse® P40 hight performance plasma cutter need minimum 5KW generator to run at max capacity. However, you always can dial down the current to run off smaller generator.

  • Will P40 cut aluminum?

    Yes, P40 is capable of cutting mild Steel, aluminum, copper, crass, galvanized metal.

  • What plug this welder comes with? Do I need to purchase a extra plug?

    KickingHorse® P40 is ready to use with UL certified north American 12 AWG Power Cord and NEMA 6-50P "Welder" Plug.

  • What is 40% duty cycle @ 40A mean?

    KickingHrose® P40 allows welder to run 4 minutes at 40A out of each 10-minute period without overheating-  at ambient temperature of 104F (40℃), not 70F (21℃)! Most of plasma cutting machine manufactures, include major North American producers, determine their consumer grade welding machine's duty cycle at 70F (21℃). It is important that you, as a purchaser , ask manufacture exactly how the duty cycle is calculated!

  • Does it have Canadian safety approval? What happens if I use non - certified welder in Canada?

    KickingHorse® P40 is CSA certified plasma cutting inverter and is safe and legal to operate both on-site and in house. In Canada, before decide to purchase any plasma cutting machine without CSA certification, you must consider not only the safety of the employees, your family members and properties, but also the legal, financial and insurance consequence may face by using non-safety approval equipment, no matter at work place or in home.
    The Fines for Non-Compliance are Very Heavy in Canada!

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